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360 N5 opens second batch of online sale

360 N5 launches exclusive online sale again

Following the February 27 exclusive sale on the Chinese online shop Jingdong, the first batch of 360 N5 mobile phones was instantly sold out. Fortunately, 360 will sell the N5 again in Jingdong today, March 3. According to the online shop’s data, as of the 28th of February, 360 N5 bookings exceeds one million. In fact, around two million people made reservations on the smartphone!

360 N5

360 N5 specifications

360 N5 was released on February 22. The specifications includes a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor, 6GB RAM and 32/64 GB storage. The 32GB version costs only 1399 yuan while the 64GB edition is 1599 yuan. Furthermore, the phone uses a 5.5-inch 1080P Full HD screen, front 8 megapixel and rear 13 megapixel camera, and 4000mAh large capacity battery. The overall performance is quite impressive.

360 N5 Bottom

In addition, to fully exploit the high 6GB memory, 360 mobile software research and development team redefined the Android system resource calls and multi-tasking capabilities. The 360 ​​N5 equips new proprietary applications, namely FastZone, Transform, and Infinity, which will improve the hardware’s performance to the highest possible level.

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FastZone focuses on the user’s frequently used programs. With the N5’s large RAM, the program will automatically reside in the memory, so that the use of daily programs such as social media, email, internet browsing and games will launch rapidly.


Transform is a new design of the multi-task application switching column. The program is in the form of small icons, so that when you switch between different apps, just open the sidebar and click on the task you want. You can directly launch the applications. With Transform, multi-task switching is now more convenient.

360 N5 Transform

360 N5 Transform


Infinity allows you to open system-level applications simultaneously. Sources say you can even open hundreds of the same applications at the same time. Each avatar can become a separate application, breaking the limit of the Android system. The N5 relies on the large 6GB operating memory to ensure that the open applications will run smoothly.

360 N5 Infinity

360 N5 Infinity

Online sale

Today, people can buy 360 N5 online exclusively in China. International customers will have to wait for online resellers to start selling it. With Jingdong booking of more than one million, you can say that this phone is one of the most anticipated smartphone releases in China.

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