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Feb 26

Meizu MX5 to utilize most advanced specifications

During the start of the new year, consumers were greeted with 4 new Meizu smartphones launched in the market. Meizu is now looking to exceed that by equipping its latest flagship phone, which is currently in development, with a set of powerful features. Like this:Like Loading…

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Jan 14

MediaTek developing 12-core chipset for Meizu?

There are reports circulating in China that Taiwan-based chipmaker MediaTek is developing a new 12-core CPU for mobile devices, probably meant for the popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu. Like this:Like Loading…

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Jan 12

Oppo to release its first 64-bit MT6752 Octa-core phone

Several chinese phone makers recently released new smartphone models as a way to greet the New Year. OPPO also seeks to continue this trend in 2015, announcing a new 64-bit octa-core phone is on its way. Like this:Like Loading…

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Dec 29

Affordable 64-bit quad-core MT6732 smartphones in China

With the release of MediaTek’s 64-bit Quad-core MT6732 chipset, Chinese phone makers wasted no time incorporating it to their low-cost entry level phones. Now, there are plenty of MT6732 smartphones available in China. Like this:Like Loading…

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Dec 22

Meizu submits new phone for network license

Beijing, China. Chinese phone maker Meizu has recently submitted its new phone model for review to obtain a network permit, according to the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority. The permit reportedly includes support for 4G networks. Like this:Like Loading…

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Dec 20

Lenovo A936 / Golden Warrior Note 8 utilizes 64-bit Octa-core CPU

Lenovo has made its efforts to employ the latest 64-bit technology by adapting MediaTek’s Octa-core MT6752 chipset into their latest Golden Warrior series phone. Like this:Like Loading…

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Dec 18

64-bit MT6752 Android smartphones coming soon

Christmas is around the corner and what better gift to give your loved ones than a 64-bit smartphone. Fortunately, MediaTek released the 64-bit Octa-core MT6752 chipset and it is now embraced by many Chinese phone makers because of its affordability. And some MT6752 mobile phones are set to be launched in the market in the …

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Nov 26

ASUS ZenFone 5: A500CG vs A500KL Specs Comparison

As you may have known already, ASUS released two versions of its 5-inch android smartphone called the ASUS Zenfone 5. The two variants are the A500CG and the A500KL. The main difference is Like this:Like Loading…

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Nov 24

Meizu MX4 Pro vs Meizu MX4: Major Differences

The “Pro” version of Meizu’s flagship smartphone Meizu MX4 has been released recently. But what are the differences between Meizu MX4 and Meizu MX4 Pro? Take a look at the table Like this:Like Loading…

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Nov 02

MediaTek launched MT6595 Octa-core CPU with LTE support

MediaTek recently released its new SoC for mobile phones and tablets, the MT6595. It features eight cores with big.LITTLE ARM Cortex-A17 technology, Like this:Like Loading…

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