Apr 13

Chinese Technology and the Smartphone Era

When we talk about smartphones, Apple is on the top of the list, followed probably by Samsung. But do you feel that their gadgets are a little expensive for you? Surely, there must be a phone out there that is as feature-rich as the latest iPhone but half its price! And that’s what this website is for. Here, we can discover the alternative brands that may be just right for our pockets without having any remorse later because of the poor quality. And to tell you the truth, there are a lot of them. They are just neglected due to the fact that they are made in China.

But everything nowadays is made in China. Even the original iPhone is made in China. Yes, its true. Apple had their gadgets built by our Chinese brothers but they enforce strict guidelines and quality control. And that is where many of the “generic” and clone phones from China fall short. Their quality control is so poor that their products are thought of as “disposable”. However, not all China mobile phones should suffer this stigma. There are a handful of Chinese mobiles that are actually following international standards for their production. Huawei and Lenovo are 2 examples. And I will review some of their phones in the future.

The thing about Chinese technology is they are less original. I have noticed that they kept on copying the technologies of the leading brands like Apple. However, they know how to innovate. They modify a certain feature and make it better than the original concept. An example of this is the Chinese dual sim and TV phones.

A little bit of history here, the first dual sim phone, Benefon Twin, was actually created by Benefon in Finland. However, the idea of a dual sim phone was not welcomed by Western phone makers at that time. They will gain less profit if consumers buy only one dual sim cell phone for two sim cards, as opposed to buying two single sim mobile phones for the two sim cards. But the Chinese manufacturers saw the potential market. They understood the masses and were willing to cater to their needs. True enough, dual sim phones became a hit in Asia. Now, Chinese phones have flourished and have reached popularity all over the World. They now have triple, even quadruple sim phones. It’s just recently that other leading phone manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung have caught up with this fever.

Now, with the smartphone era, Apple has set the bar. Other leading manufacturers like Samsung have followed closely. What about Chinese smartphones? They are not far behind either. With Chinese innovation, I won’t be surprised if they exceed expectations.

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