Jan 14

MediaTek developing 12-core chipset for Meizu?


There are reports circulating in China that Taiwan-based chipmaker MediaTek is developing a new 12-core CPU for mobile devices, probably meant for the popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu.

According to Chinese gadget news website Zhongguancun Online (ZOL), MediaTek recently started its Research and Development work on a 12-core processor. MediaTek has been well-known for producing low-cost, high efficiency chipsets for many mobile devices, ranging from entry-level to high end gadgets. If the reports are accurate, the public may be looking into a future of affordable mobile phones running on 10-core or 12-core CPUs.

Meizu first to use MediaTek’s 12-core chipset?

In September of 2014, Meizu MX4 was the first to be released with a MediaTek MT6595 Octa-core CPU with big.LITTLE technology. This year, Meizu seems intent to continue that trend. So, are we going to see the Meizu MX5 run on a 12-core MediaTek chipset this year? Stay tuned for updates.

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