Nov 24

Meizu MX4 Pro vs Meizu MX4: Major Differences

Meizu MX4 (Left) vs Meizu MX4 Pro (Right)

Meizu MX4 (Left) and Meizu MX4 Pro (Right)

The “Pro” version of Meizu’s flagship smartphone Meizu MX4 has been released recently. But what are the differences between Meizu MX4 and Meizu MX4 Pro? Take a look at the table below:

Meizu MX4
Meizu MX4 Pro
CPU MediaTek MT6595 Octa-core (Cortex-A17 2.2GHz x 4 + Cortex-A7 1.7GHz x 4) Samsung Exynos 5430 Octa-core (ARM Cortex-A15 2.0GHz x 4 + ARM Cortex-A7 1.5GHz x 4)
Screen Size 5.36 inches 5.5 inches
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1152 pixels; 418PPI 2560 x 1536 pixels; 543PPI
Dimensions 144.0 x 75.2 x 8.9 mm 150.1 x 77.0 x 9.0 mm
Front Camera 2.0 megapixel Sony IMX208 F2.0 5.0 megapixel OV5693 F2.2
Battery Built-in 3100mAh Built-in 3350mAh

For more information about the two phones, click here: Meizu MX4 and Meizu MX4 Pro

Not included in the table is the new “Home” button of the Pro version. Meizu’s previous phones, including the MX4, featured a circular Home button. However, the MX4 Pro sports a larger rectangular one.

Here is a video comparing both smartphones:

Meizu MX4 Pro vs Meizu MX4

As you can see from the table and video, there are several variations between the two phones. So which phone is for you?

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