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Meizu Super mCharge – full charge in 20 minutes

Meizu Super mCharge revealed

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 have brought us a lot of surprises. On February 28, the final day of the domestic manufacturers, Meizu revealed the product of their research and development in the field of fast charge technology – the Meizu Super mCharge.

Meizu Super mCharge Charger

The Super mCharge is Meizu’s third generation of fast charging technology. According to the Chinese manufacturer, this innovation uses a charge pump technology. The conversion efficiency is 98%. Obviously, it is a great solution to the low efficiency caused by heating problems during charging. The new system is effective in reducing heat.

Meizu Super mCharge Comparison

Meizu Super mCharge features

Meizu Super mCharge runs on 11V / 5A, a new high-voltage direct charge system. The highest power reaches a staggering 55W! Moreover, Meizu claims that Super mCharge will be able to charge 60% of a 3000mAh battery in only 10 minutes, and fully charge it in 20 minutes. From this data, it surpasses the previously released Huawei SuperCharge which uses 4.5V / 5A and a maximum power of 22.5W.

Meizu Super mCharge Current

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On the other hand, you may be worried that the high-pressure system and high charging power would lead to an explosion. However, Meizu embedded the E-Mark Chip for safe charging. This provides voltage and current monitoring and adjustment mechanism with dynamic protection. In the charging test, Meizu Super mCharge fully charges a 3000mAh battery with an average temperature of only 38 degrees Celsius. That is even better than Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 temperature of 44 degrees.

Meizu Super mCharge

In addition, Meizu’s data cable and batteries were also upgraded. The data cable specification is 20V / 8A and supports the transmission of up to 160W of electricity. Meanwhile, the new batteries also guarantee 800 cycles of charge and discharge and still have sufficient capacity.

Meizu Super mCharge Data Cable

Meizu Super mCharge Charger Front

The future of fast charge technology

We may witness Meizu utilize this new innovation very soon. If Super mCharge will prove to be safe enough, then we may see this new technology in this year’s Meizu smartphones. The MX7 and the Pro 7 could be next in line. Furthermore, we shall see how this system will live up to all its promises. And interestingly, how competitors will come up with their own versions of this technology.

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