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OPPO launches 5x lossless zoom technology

OPPO launches 5x lossless zoom technology

At the Mobile Wold Congress 2017, OPPO held a technical conference and released the world’s first “5x lossless zoom” technology. This is based on the industry’s first submarine dual photo structure or the periscope, which improves optical image stabilization of the telephoto lens. Compared to the industry’s 2x zoom standard, this new technology has successfully achieved up to 5x lossless magnification.

OPPO 5x Dual Camera Zoom Periscope Style

5x dual camera zoom

OPPO innovated a prestigious dual camera structure through the built-in optical prism. Clever positioning allowed the lens module to be perfectly integrated into the thin body. It goes into the lens up to 3 times the optical zoom range, and then through the OPPO High Precision Image Fusion technology which achieves up to 5 times the quality of lossless zoom effect, and finally up to 10 times of digital zoom.

Compared to the traditional dual-camera optical anti-shake application in wide-angle lens, OPPO’s innovative optical anti-shake solution in the telephoto lens senses any phone jitters and immediately correct it with the help of smart sensors. This new software’s anti-shake range increased up to 40% compared to the standard version. Meanwhile, prism anti-shake accuracy reached a staggering 0.0025 degrees! With the 5 times zoom, the picture is still clear and stable.

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OPPO 5x Dual Camera Zoom

In addition, most of the current smartphones equipped with dual cameras composed of wide-angle and telephoto lens, are usually in parallel layout. In such a configuration, the thickness of the 2x optical zoom is close to 9mm; increasing it to 5x optical zoom will seriously affect the body thickness. However, OPPO’s solution to this problem, inspired by the periscope, is a horizontal arrangement of the telephoto lens. On the other hand, the wide-angle camera forms a vertical deployment, through a special optical prism to allow light into the lens for group refraction and imaging. The submerged structure changes close from 13mm module down to only 5.7mm. Hence, 15mm total thickness dropped significantly to only 7.8mm! It is a thin camera module but has a high magnification.

OPPO innovation

OPPO, through this release of 5x lossless zoom technology, really set the bar high for other smartphone companies. OPPO probably has set a new high standard in mobile phone cameras. As always, the company continues to bring innovative technology – from the rotating camera of the N series, the VOOC Flash Charging technology, and now the 5x dual camera zoom inspired by the periscope. The emergence of new products and new innovations is undoubtedly proof of their strength in the smartphone industry.

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