Jan 12

Oppo to release its first 64-bit MT6752 Octa-core phone

Oppo U3 Poster

Several chinese phone makers recently released new smartphone models as a way to greet the New Year. OPPO also seeks to continue this trend in 2015, announcing a new 64-bit octa-core phone is on its way. The company said that OPPO U3 will be launched on January 14, 2015.

Phone specifications

OPPO U3 will feature a large 5.9-inch screen with 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), a separate audio chip (AK4961), and professional HiFi speakers . Also, the phone will be OPPO’s first smartphone to utilize MediaTek MT6752 64-bit eight-core chipset with 4G LTE support. It has 2GB of memory, 13MP rear camera, and a front camera that is equipped with a self-timer light.

Product impressions

OPPO’s previous , OPPO N3, was focused on the camera. OPPO U3, with a large screen and HiFi audio chip, promises not only good quality imaging, but also great audio and video performance.

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Oppo U3 Headphones

Oppo U3 Back Poster

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