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КСИАОМИ развој нових МТ6795 смартпхоне

Директор Ксиаоми леи јун

Директор Ксиаоми леи јун

Пекинг-басед произвођач телефона Ксиаоми је наводно развија нови телефон који носи хигх-енд МедиаТек МТ6795 чипсет.

International Electronic Business principal analyst Sun Changxu says that Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun met with MediaTek Wireless Communication Business Unit general manager Zhu Shangzu and discussed the possibility of incorporating the latest MediaTek chip Helio X10 / МТ6795 64 eight-core LTE processor into a series of Xiaomi phones, particularly the Red Rice or Redmi series.

Причало спецификације

Consistent with the reports, information leaks in social media from reliable sources started to circulate regarding the development. Xiaomi H3Y or CM865, is said to be the model name of the new phone. It is speculated that it would be included in the Redmi Note2 series. It reportedly is equipped with an eight-core MT6795 processor, with 5.5-inch FHD (1080П) приказ, 5 MP OmniVision OV5670 / 13 MP Samsung S5K3M2 cameras and Android 5.0-based MIUI V6. It will also use the new USB Type- C interface.

Xiaomi H3Y CM865 Leak

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