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Xiaomi एम आई 6 क्या तुम जानते करने की आवश्यकता है सुविधाएँ

Xiaomi एम आई 6 सुविधाओं एक आश्चर्य के रूप में आ

पिछले प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस के दौरान, Xiaomi संस्थापक और मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी लेई जून कुछ Xiaomi एम आई उल्लेख नहीं था 6 इस तरह के एम आई के शरीर और फ्लैश मेमोरी विशिष्टताओं के विरल तेल परत के रूप में सुविधाओं 6. वास्तव में, अधिक वहाँ थे कि उल्लेख नहीं किया गया, जो भाग्यशाली खरीदारों जो वास्तव में एम आई 6 की प्रारंभिक उद्घाटन बिक्री के दौरान खरीद करने में सक्षम थे के लिए एक आश्चर्य के रूप में आया था. यहाँ Xiaomi एम आई के आश्चर्य सुविधाओं में से कुछ हैं 6.

Xiaomi एम आई 6 मोर्चा काले

USB Type-C audio

This may come either as good news or bad news. Xiaomi decided to drop the 3.5mm audio jack and instead utilized the USB Type-C port for headphones and other audio devices. Xiaomi embraced digital audio, to the disappointment of many fans who wanted the 3.5mm interface retained. तथापि, digital audio is perhaps the future and the company looked ahead to it. Whether or not Xiaomi made a good move remains to be seen. But today, it is more of an annoyance that we could not use our regular headphones while charging.

ब्लूटूथ 5.0

With Xiaomi deciding to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Mi 6, users will be more reliant on the bluetooth function for their audio needs. Xiaomi made up for the loss by equipping the Mi 6 with the latest and most powerful Bluetooth 5.0. Compared to the iPhone 7’s Bluetooth 4.2, transmission distance increased by four times, the connection speed increased twice, and the effective working distance improved to 300 मीटर.

Xiaomi एम आई की जाँच करें 6 यहाँ पूर्ण विनिर्देशों.

Dual Wi-Fi antenna + म्यू-MIMO

At the press conference, Lei Jun revealed that Mi 6 is equipped with dual Wi-Fi antenna. This means the signal strength should be better than the other flagship smartphones. But not only does the Mi 6 have a dual Wi-Fi antenna, it also comes with MU-MIMO, which stands for multi-user, multiple-input and multiple-output. It allows a Wi-Fi router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. This reduces the waiting time for each device for a signal, resulting to a faster network. तथापि, you would need a router that also supports MU-MIMO, such as the Xiaomi Router HD / प्रो.

आदमी के समान 7.1.1

Mi 5c was the first Xiaomi phone to run on Android 7.1. अब, एम आई 6 is the first to be pre-installed with Android 7.1.1 नूगा. Of course, the Android operating system is customized and works under the name of MIUI 8.2.

Capacitive fingerprint scanner

Xiaomi एम आई 6 used capacitive fingerprint recognition instead of the ultrasonic one. The scanner is still under the glass but Lei Jun has vowed that the recognition rate has greatly improved. Xiaomi has reportedly favored capacitive technology over the newer ultrasonic one for undisclosed reasons. Cost may be one of them.

Xiaomi एम आई 6 अंगुली - छाप परीक्षण यंत्र

Double rear cameras

अब, it seems many smartphones have dual main cameras located at the back. Many of them actually do pretty good. But to have good dual cameras which are not prominent is a different story. भाग्यवश, Xiaomi एम आई 6 has flat double cameras which perform great. वास्तव में, it is one of a kind as it supports 2X optical zoom while not being bulgy. वास्तव में, the cameras work similar to iPhone7’s dual cameras but not as prominent-looking.

Xiaomi एम आई 6 पृष्ठ कैमरा

WeChat Pay

Xiaomi Mi6 supports the Fingerprint Payment system of WeChat Pay. So for users who utilize WeChat Pay, this is a very useful feature.

Free accessories

वास्तव में, this one is more of a freebie than a phone feature but still came as a surprise to the first buyers. से पहले, if you open the box of a Xiaomi phone, you can only find the data cable, अभियोक्ता, SIM ejection pin, and warranty card along with the mobile handset. अब, Xiaomi finally included a silicone protective case. इसके साथ - साथ, due to the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, एम आई 6 also ships with a Type-C adapter cable so you can use your regular headphones. Although the free accessories do not amount to much, at least it is a good start.

वहाँ तुम्हारे पास है, some Xiaomi Mi 6 features that came as a surprise to buyers. Although the phone is far from being perfect, एम आई 6 still gave good impressions even with some small disappointments. At only 2499 युआन (अमेरिका $375) the flagship phone has proved to have great value for money.

Xiaomi एम आई की जाँच करें 6 यहाँ पूर्ण विनिर्देशों.

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