Avril 12

Il Xiaomei 6 Date de sortie officiellement annoncé

Il Xiaomei 6 Libération

Enfin, le Xiaomi Mi 6 date de sortie est confirmée. Selon le site officiel de Xiaomi, ma 6 sera dévoilée le Avril 19 à Pékin Université de Technologie Gymnase. Un message suit également, “Vous attendiez 203 journées, nous avons attendu pendant sept ans.” Selon un fonctionnaire Xiaomi, 203 jours se sont écoulés depuis le lancement de Xiaomi Mi 5 s. Et il leur a fallu sept ans à “explorer le rêve du travail.”

Il Xiaomei 6 Libération

ma 6 caractéristiques

The new flagship phone will still be a performance monster, according to the official. From the information that was gathered, it is likely to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU and probably curved glass as the main material of the body.

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According to previous information, Xiaomi Mi 6’s new features will be the use of USB type C port for earphones (no 3.5mm interface), improved iris recognition, no physical Home button, and glass body (with ceramic version). Other specifications reported were 5.1-inch FHD (1080p) écran, 4Go / 6Go de RAM, 64Go / 128GB ROM et Android 7.1.1 système. La caméra frontale est 8 megapixels while the rear is 12 mégapixels. The Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus was also reported, which will have a 5.7-inch screen and may adopt the dual rear camera design.

Appearance and price

Xiaomi’s confidentiality about the Mi 6 is topnotch. With less than ten days to go until the conference, there are no confirmed leaked photos yet. Only renders and sketches are available. We can only speculate on how the Mi 6 would look like.

As for the price, Il Xiaomei 6 will most likely cost higher than its flagship predecessors, which were previously released at CNY 1999. One reason for this is the rise in cost of mobile phone parts and components. Another is Xiaomi’s need to ensure cost and production. The new price will probably be CNY 2599 for the basic version and up to CNY 3699 for the advanced.

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