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Star N9880

Star N9880

Star N9880 Features and Specifications

CPU MT6577 Dual Core 1.0GHz version or MT6575 Single Core 1.0 GHz version
GPU: PowerVR Series 5
OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
Language: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkey, Russian, others
Memory RAM : 512 MB
MAX support 32GB Micro SD Memory Card (TF-Card)
Size 163.3 x 89.3 x 10.2 mm
Weight 282 g
Screen 6.0 inch Touch Capacitive multi-touch (5 points) screen, FWVGA 854 x 480 Pixels, 16M colors
Network Dual SIM Dual Standby, supports 2G + 3G
2G:GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
3G:WCDMA 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
Supports GSM service all over the world
Color White
GPS Built In GPS with A-GPS support
Connection Bluetooth 2.1 + EDRWAPI
Wi-Fi : WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
micro USB 2.0
Camera Dual Camera
Back 5.0 mega pixel with Auto Focus and Flash LED
Front 2.0 mega pixel
Supports recording of video
Sensor 4 way Gravity sensor, Light sensor
Radio FM
Video 3GP, MPEG4, AVI, RMVB, etc.
Audio MP3 , AAC , WAV , etc. / 3.5 mm Audio Jack
Special functions G-sensor, FM radio, Wifi, GPS, Multi-touch, Dual SIM, Schedule Power on/off
Battery and Accessories – Polymer Li-ion Battery 2800 mAh
– Earphone / 3.5 mm Audio Jack
– USB Cable
– Charger
Price For more details, click the link below:
The MT6577 version costs an additional US$10.00


Star-N9880 Front

Star N9880 Black and White

Star N9880 Black and White2

Star-N9880 Right

Star-N9880 Left

Star N9880 Back

Star-N9880 Bottom

Star N9880 Bottom Back

Note: Star N9880 has 2 versions: the single core MT6575 and the dual core MT6577 versions.

If you are interested in buying Star N9880, I recommend the online shop Fastcardtech. They offer reliable services and the lowest prices on the web, with free shipping worldwide on selected items. Click on the link below to visit their website:


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    • Xander on September 7, 2012 at 10:58 pm
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    Hi Kris, nice review! Could you please review another 6″ phone, namely the Dapeng i9877 as I’m highly interested in it and would love to buy it in black color. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Xander! Dapeng i9877 looks exactly the same as the HDC Galaxy Tad P1000+. They both have identical specs. In fact, both of them look like they are clones of CarPad Note5 F6. As far as I know, CarPad Note5 F6 was the first 6-inch smartphone launched with the MT6577 CPU. In my opinion, CarPad is better than Dapeng i9877.

    • Xander on September 8, 2012 at 4:38 am
    • Reply

    Thanks a lot Kris for your prompt reply :) yeah I checked out that link you posted of HDC Galaxy Tad P1000+ and you’re absolutely right that it’s the same as the Dapeng i9877. I did not know that :) well could you please clarify some of the things that I see regularly about these Chinease sets, that there are conflicting specs like processor speed which most websites state to be 1.2GHz when in fact the mtk6577 chip is only 1GHz? This is just an example of course and there are other specs that throw doubt about the claims of these sellers. Thanks again and from now on, I’ll be a regular visitor to you’re website as I came across it on xda-developers forum trying to research Chinese clones of Galaxy note and also finding these 6″ sets in the process :)

    1. Hi! Well, the MT6577 chip’s default setting is 1GHz but Chinese manufacturers often overclock it. So the MT6577 can reach 1.2GHz CPU frequency. Technically, the specs are still correct. Yeah there are some specs that may have been exaggerated by other sellers just to generate sales. I usually refer to many websites to confirm the phones’ specifications, including their official websites if ever they exist.

      Thanks! I will do my best to present accurate details of the latest Chinese smartphones.

    • Xander on September 8, 2012 at 8:44 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks again Kris :) yeah Ur probably right and I missed that point that they might be overclocking the processor. Anyways, keep it up as you’re doing a good service thru your website by keeping us potential buyers informed. Just try to put up the info after verifying it from different sources as much as you can as you’ve mentioned :) now my last question for the day is, in your opinion, which do you think is the best and 2nd best phones in both 5.3″-5.4″ and 6″ screen size? Meaning recommend 2 phones in both sizes please. Thanks :)

      • Lee Lamb on September 8, 2012 at 11:55 pm
      • Reply

      Kris do you know if this phone has a website of the maker or manufacturer.

      1. I’ve been looking for its official website but I had no success. I think brands like Star, HDC, IHTC, and Hero are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) phones, meaning they are manufactured from one factory and that factory sells those phones to different companies that rebrand them as their own. That’s why there are many versions of those phones that come out. It’s hard to find official websites for those phones.

    1. Hi! For 6-inches, I’d go for CarPad Note5 F6 since they were the first to launch it. 2nd best for me would be Star N9880. For 5.3-5.4 inch phones, I’d get Zopo ZP900 Leader or HDC Galaxy Note 2.

    • Xander on September 9, 2012 at 9:54 pm
    • Reply

    Kris, thanks again for the feedback on the choices of phones. Was wondering why are you choosing the CarPad Note5 F6 over the Star N9880 whereas the N9880 came after the CarPad so logically I assume it must’ve improved upon the CarPad and also the N9880 antutu score is higher? Also the pictures of the CarPad has 3 capacitative buttons in front exactly like the HDC Galaxy Tad P1000+ whereas the video shows it has 4 and looks exactly like the N9880? Thanks Kris for all your feedback :)

    1. I made my choice from the fact that Carpad Note5 F6 was more “original” than Star N9880. It was probably the first 6-inch phone to be launched and that alone speaks volumes about the capabilities of the company. I believe its build is good and the firmware is more stable since they had more time to improve their firmware since the first release. Meanwhile, Star has been copying designs from other well-known brands and I am not sure of its build. Maybe they have enhanced features since they came out later but the fact that they have less originality turns me off a bit.

      Honestly, I did not notice the discrepancy between the pictures and the videos. For that, I’d like to thank you for informing me. Apparently, the video may be inaccurate. As a result, I have removed those videos from my page. CarPad Note5 F6 looks like HDC Galaxy Tad P1000+ or Dapeng i9877 with black back cover, since the latter two are probably clones of CarPad.

    • Xander on September 11, 2012 at 12:29 am
    • Reply

    Kris, thanks again! Well I’m now definitely leaning towards the CarPad phone. BTW, I was researching the CarPad and I came up on something interesting! The Pictures are of the CarPad Note5 F6 but the video review was most probably of the CarPad Note5 F5 :) For me now, it’s a close race between the F6 and the latest HDC Galaxy Note 2 and that’s because it has Jelly Bean. You wouldn’t happen to know if the CarPad F6 would be upgraded to JB anytime soon, now would you? I really would buy it right away! LOL

    1. I agree with you. HDC Galaxy Note 2 is definitely a good option. Looking at their specs, they are pretty much even. You will have to decide based upon the size of the screen, the looks of the phone, and operating system. I don’t know if CarPad F6 will have a JB update. I really hope it will, otherwise, HDC Galaxy Note 2 is your best bet.

    • Xander on September 11, 2012 at 4:42 pm
    • Reply

    True on all points! Let’s see with which phone I go as I have to get one pretty soon. Fingers crossed! :)

    1. Well, let us know which phone you finally chose and share your experiences with it. Best regards!

    • Harru on September 22, 2012 at 8:34 pm
    • Reply

    Hey kris it’s good that tere are sites like your yours!! where can i find this phone in the philippines? ang have you any idea of the price?
    thanks man…

    1. Hi! Thanks for the compliment! I believe it is only available online. I think there are some online stores in the Philippines selling this phone. You can search them at Google.

    • Tunji on September 24, 2012 at 12:46 am
    • Reply

    am really glad to hear the conversations. Av a couple of questions. First, am worried that despite the success of android os and samsung high cost, chinese android phones should be popular in Nigeria. But to my suprise, you hardly find a single shop selling them. The two firms i know, only ship them when they are paid for. They dont have them in stock, and neither can you get samples to check. Secondly, since am unable to check them at hand am worried about the following: will the screen last in terms of scraches and caliberation, can there be tangible multitasking, are accessories readily available in market, if there is a fault wont it be dumped because of non availability of components, can i get a 1gb ram phone. Thanks for the good jobs? Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Hello! The screen is durable but it is may get scratches. You can install screen protectors to prevent scratches. If you want scratch-resistant screens, look for phones with Gorilla Glass. Multitasking is not a problem for Chinese phones. You can run multiple apps at the same time without slowing down the system. You can find many phones with 1 GB RAM. To check out 1GB RAM phones, click here.. In dealing with damaged parts, you can order them online. Accessories and phone parts like replacement screens are available. You can also use accessories of famous brands that will fit in certain Chinese phones. Some of them have identical size and shape as the original branded phones.

  1. Hi Eli, usually GPS needs to be calibrated first. Search google on how to set up GPS for MT6575 phones. Try rooting your phone and install custom ROMs. If it does not work, maybe your phone has a factory defect.

    • Prem on October 19, 2012 at 9:17 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Kris, I just have one question can I root this phone and can I put the new Android ICS on it?

    1. Hi Prem! Yes you can root this phone and install ICS on it.

    • William on November 6, 2012 at 5:29 am
    • Reply

    You know what the manufacturer^s website?

    1. Hello William,

      Sorry, I have difficulty looking for the manufacturer’s website for Star N9880. This phone is probably manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and rebranded by other companies.

    • guyonthebay on December 18, 2012 at 10:35 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Kris, I have searched everywhere for this answer. I have T-Mobile service. I know the bandwidths they transmit on for both 2g & 3g so I am restricted in my choice of after market cell phones.. On the duel sim card phones, like the one above, can I use my one sim card in one slot to recveive all of the bandwidths? Or is one slot dedicated to 2g service and I would need to purchase a second sim with phone plan/phnumber to get 3g speeds where there is signal? Which phone would you recommend? I really want a large screen android like the note, but do not want to pay the $600 premium. Thank you for putting this website together.

    1. Only one SIM slot is for 3G/2G while the other slot is for 2G only. You need a 3G SIM placed on the 3G SIM slot in order to experience 3G speeds. But you can also use a 2G SIM on that slot but you will only receive 2G speeds. There are a lot of good phones with large screens. To view my listing of 5+ inch phones, click here.

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